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Few invitations this time...
Published on January 4, 2005 By chott370 In Google

managed to get hold of 4 more invitations for gmail...

so for i have given as many as 100 invitations here in joeuser and in website.

i have got some e-books for my trading in gmail swap.but i have lost interest in trading the invitations.

so thought of giving them for free...





c ya later...

on Jan 04, 2005
I didn't really want a GMail account since I run my own mail server, but since everyone else seems to have one, I took link #1. Thanks.

-- B
on Jan 04, 2005
Ok heres where I get to sound like a moron but whats the diff between email and gmail? be gentle please
on Jan 04, 2005
G-Mail is just a free web-based e-mail service run by Google. 1GB of space, and I hear the search capabilities are profound.

-- B